The ups and down of Obamacare

Allyson Schwartz is making her support of Obamacare a centerpiece of her campaign for governor. Solomon Jones warns that a politician who embraces the new law also may be asked to account for some of its weaknesses and glitches.

Ending the hypocrisy on charters

The Corbett administration is “pro-choice” when it comes to education, but refuses to give a dime to local districts to defray charter costs. Funding a fair share of these costs could ease the financial distress of Philadelphia’s public schools.

Teaching cooking, teaching life

The Philabundance Community Kitchen teaches people how to cook, but it’s more than a culinary school. Solomon Jones reports on a program that has lifted people out of poverty by also teaching them about life.

Frack, baby, frack

Remember when fracking was a bad name? Now, mainstream politicians are embracing the idea of gas drilling because it can be a tax bonanza for the state. Tom Ferrick explains the sea change in thinking about drilling.

Overlooked no more

Temple University has ambitious plans to increase its profile, not only locally but also across the nation. Joseph Cranney and Evan Cross report on the school’s plans and how they impact the surrounding neighborhoods.

Enter the Land Bank

Constance Morrow can tell you a lot about gentrification. She lived through it in her old neighborhood of Northern Liberties. Solomon Jones writes about her fate and plans to deal with the realities of a rapidly changing neighborhoods once the new Land Bank is up and running.

The haves vs. the have nots

An examination of per pupil spending in Pennsylvania finds a wide gap between those at the top and those at the bottom. One surprise: Philadelphia is not anywhere near the bottom. Julia Bergman has the details.