The limits of power

Tom Corbett and Tom Wolf will face each other in November in the race for governor. Which one is best for Philadelphia? Solomon Jones outlines the obstacles facing each man in dealing with the state’s largest city.

Solomon Jones

How Cristo Rey makes it work

Cristo Rey is an independent Catholic school new to Philadelphia, but its mix of work and school has proven successful in other cities. Andrew Zaleski reports on the local Cristo Rey experiment.

Immigrants and voting

Is the city making it easy for voters who do not speak English to vote? An Asian-American group has complained it does not. Julia Bergman visited a polling place in Chinatown on Election Day that does have bilingual poll workers.

Los nuevos Americanos

Work, family and religion are the touchstones for a family of Mexicans who live in South Philadelphia, which is now home to most of the city’s Mexicans. These immigrants are settling in to their neighborhood, raising families and opening businesses. Natalie Pompillio reports on these new Americans.