CityJournal is a regular feature that runs in AxisPhilly, a news and information website for the Philadelphia region. It is a personal essay, ranging from 750-800 words. Payment is $50 for the first essay accepted and $75 for the second and all subsequent essays.

AxisPhilly is strictly a local site. We run the work of Philadelphia-area writers only.

What we like: Personal stories, told in the first-person, about an interesting or important moment in your life. We have a preference for stories about city life. They can be funny, sad, wry and sardonic – as long as the voice is true. We generally avoid snark and we do not run rants. We like original work, not a piece that ran on another website or publication or a piece that is several years old. We prefer fresh, original material. The cardinal rule is: We like essays that are well written, well constructed and tell an interesting tale. The better the writing, the better the chance of being accepted.

What we don’t like:  We generally do not run columns about sports and we do not have a venue for arts and entertainment stories or revues. We do not do run columns (ala Jerry Seinfeld and Andy Rooney) that are general observations about the trouble with ice trays or service in restaurants, etc., especially if they are not related to particular events or episodes in your life.   We do not run sermonettes about how to keep your head up in times of adversity or “tip” columns, as in 10 tips for coping with a troublesome boss. As a rule, we do not run essays about pets — as in, how wonderful my cat is. Finally, we do not run essays on events that happened in the distant past.  We prefer the events in our stories to be current.

How to submit:  Send your essay as a Word doc attachment to

Usually, we will respond within two weeks with an email that accepts or rejects the piece.  Sometimes we will make suggestions or changes.  If we make major changes, we will send the edited essay back to you for approval.  We ask that you respond as quickly as possible to these emails. 

Put your byline at the top of the essay in the Word doc, but include in the body of your email your name, mailing address and telephone number.  We will mail a check, usually within two weeks of the essay being posted on the site.

It may take a month or more for your essay to appear on the site.  We will send an email to alert you when it is posted.

Thanks for considering writing for CityJournal