Carla Robinson

Carla Robinson

Contributing Reporter

The Peace Not Guns puzzle

Questions linger over Peace Not Guns, the group formed by Councilman Kenyatta Johnson. Carla Robinson reports on the last developments in the story broken by AxisPhilly.

Councilman’s “nonprofit” isn’t a nonprofit

Councilman Kenyatta Johnson set up a nonprofit group called Peace Not Guns years ago to combat gun violence. It turns out that records of the organization are nonexistent and so is its nonprofit status. Carla Robinson reports on a phantom nonprofit.

Eight miles

With Roosevelt Boulevard as its spine, an eight-mile stretch from Oxford Circle to Somerton has become the locus of the city’s immigrant community. One in five of the city’s foreign-born residents live in these neighborhoods. Carla Robinson explores the changes they have brought to the Northeast.

Innovation, Inc.

If Philadelphia starts growing new economy jobs it will be due to the efforts today of Stephen Tang and others who are working to create an environment for startups, innovation and entrepreneurs. Carla Robinson profiles this key player in the city’s efforts at economic revival.

Who is Farah Jimenez?

Bill Green has gotten most of the ink, but Farah Jimenez is an intriguing appointment to the School Reform Commission. The children of Cuban immigrants, Jiminez has shone in a variety of roles, as Carla Robinson relates in this profile of the other new SRC member.

Paid internships = jobs

Research showing that 70 percent of college students who have paid internships get fulltime jobs after graduation has prompted Campus Philly to shift it’s emphasis. Carla Robinson reports on the change.