Isaiah Thompson

Isaiah Thompson


Landscape of possibility

We offer an interactive map of properties that have owed back taxes for 10 years or more. Isaiah Thompson writes about the problems — and possibilities — of these thousands of properties.

The phantom nonprofit

A look at the Next Generation CDC, founded and operated by local NAACP President Jerome Mondesire, raises more questions than answers. Isaiah Thompson examines the inner workings of the mysterious nonprofit.

NAACP donations went to defunct nonprofit

New documents disclose that checks written as donations to the local NAACP were deposited instead into the bank account of a defunct non-profit founded by Jerry Mondesire, the organization’s president. Isaiah Thompson reports on the latest developments.

Railroad laws keep safety records in private hands

Federal law makes it difficult for local officials and the public to get information about the safety of railroad bridges, viaducts and other rights-of-way. Isaiah Thompson looks at disclosure in light of last month’s derailment over the Schuylkill River.

With land bank, all eyes are on Clarke

When Council convenes for its second-to-last session for the year tomorrow, all eyes will be on Council President Darrell Clarke, who faces his most direct public challenge since he took leadership of the city’s legislative body. The challenge is this: The President has spent the better part of a year pledging support for a land […]

Business as usual, Part 2

In the wake of the scandal involving the lax reign of former Sheriff John Green, the city and the new sheriff office agreed that all the office’s contracts must go through the Law Department and Controller first before being executed. We have uncovered evidence that agreement is being violated. Isaiah Thompson reports.

Business as usual, Part 1

Three years ago, John Green was ousted as Sheriff for running an office riddled with incompetence and cronyism. A complete overhaul was promised. Instead, the old cronies were replaced by new cronies. Part One of this series by Isaiah Thompson focuses on sheriff’s sale advertising.

How to win an election without even trying — or running

J. Scott O’Keefe is a lucky man. He got a seat on Municipal Court without running for election. Now, he is about to get a seat on Common Pleas Court, even though he withdrew as a candidate in the primary. How could this happen? It helps to have friends on Democratic City Committee. A full explanation follows.

AVI: A guide to dates and meanings

In case you haven’t heard, Philadelphia is undergoing the largest and most drastic overhauling of its real estate tax system ever. There are a number of hurdles, deadlines, and dates that accompany this process. Here, in a nutshell, they are.