Julia Bergman

Julia Bergman


Axis Podcast 14

In the last AxisPhilly podcast Julia Bergman revisits a Catholic school in Germantown to evaluate an experiment in learning they started this school year. The podcast also includes a CityJournal entry, a personal essay by Erin Corona.

Money gone, then a quiet exit

When the chief financial officer of the nonprofit that gets tax money to promote the city left her post in 2012, there was no fanfare. Only later did the real reasons for her exit emerge, in a few lines on the group’s federal tax form. Julia Bergman reports on the facts in the case.

Axis Podcast 13

Our latest podcast features stories about same-sex couples getting married, an essay about the enduring lure of string bands and a conversation with Editor Tom Ferrick about what’s next for the Philadelphia School District.

Immigrants and voting

Is the city making it easy for voters who do not speak English to vote? An Asian-American group has complained it does not. Julia Bergman visited a polling place in Chinatown on Election Day that does have bilingual poll workers.

AxisPhilly Podcast 11

Our latest AxisPhilly podcast includes a report on a clever new device used the keep teens away from rec centers after hours. We offer a CityJournal essay about raising chickens in the city. Editor Tom Ferrick talks about the Democratic primary race for governor.

The haves vs. the have nots

An examination of per pupil spending in Pennsylvania finds a wide gap between those at the top and those at the bottom. One surprise: Philadelphia is not anywhere near the bottom. Julia Bergman has the details.

AxisPhilly Podcast 10

Our latest podcast is up, featuring conversations with Solomon Jones, Tom Ferrick and an essay about a plane flight with a strange woman with a cat.

On the outside looking in

Donna Cooper was a powerful insider in the Rendell administration, instrumental in adding money and programs to the education budget. Now, she is on the outside, working to restore aid to public schools. Julia Bergman profiles this veteran player turned advocate.

AxisPhilly Podcast 9

Out latest podcast features a conversation with Stephen Tang, head of the University City Science Center, and his mission to bring jobs to Philadelphia. There are essays and other discussions as well.

AxisPhilly Podcast 8

Our latest Podcast features a conversation with AxisPhilly editor Tom Ferrick on the slow economic recovery, a piece about a Catholic school that took in Chinese students and CityJournal essay called Waffles for Neil.

AxisPhilly Podcast 6

In our new podcast, blogger Jim McMillan talks about the latest tool used to reduce violence. Editor Tom Ferrick talks about the grand jury report on a factory fire in Kensington that claimed the life of two firefighters. Our CityJournal piece is by Taylor Burke.

MIA: Women on boards

When it comes to getting women on the boards of directors of public companies, Philadelphia has been in a freeze frame for the last decade. The numbers began low and stay low. Julie Bergman reports on a new study.

AxisPhilly Podcast 5

Tom Ferrick and Patrick Kersktra discuss trends in Latino political power in Philadelphia on our latest podcast. David Frederick reads the tale of a man who is 38 and does not own a cellphone.

AxisPhilly Podcast 4

Solomon Jones of AxisPhilly and Ana Gamboa of Al Dia discuss their story about black/Latino relations in Philadelphia.

AxisPhilly Podcast No. 3

In our latest AxisPhilly podcast, Connie Langland talks about the troubles at Ben Franklin High School. Marcus Pendleton offers an essay about a surprise encounter at a bus stop. Tom Ferrick talks about something he calls the “Dumb Idea of the Week.”

AxisPhilly Podcast No. 2

Isaiah Thompson talks about Philadelphia’s new land bank law. Patrick Kerkstra discusses the major rise in campaign spending by City Council members. Our CityJournal entry features the tale of a woman who suffers a tragic loss and how the city helped her heal.

AxisPhilly Podcast

Our new podcast debuts, with reports about the possible revival of Tacony; a compelling essay by a woman who discovers a lump on her arm and a conversation with Senior Writer Solomon Jones.

Reality Check: Do Philly’s colleges accept Philly students?

How many Philadelphians go to Philly’s colleges and universities? That’s the question we posed to the 11 four-year schools in the city. Some didn’t want to say. Others were reluctant to reply. Here is the tale the numbers tell.

A new day for an old school

It’s a new day at St. Malachy School in North Philadelphia. One of the city’s oldest Catholic schools is also one of its 14 new Mission Schools, whose goals are to educate the poor regardless of religion. We arrive at St. Malachy on the first day of school and witness the changes — and the challenges — it faces.

CityJournal Writer Guidelines

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Some YIP board members, past and present

Education Name Title Organization Susanna Greenberg Clinical Superviser and Lecturer UPenn Law School Lea Kleinman Teacher Mastery Charter School Niel McDowell Associate Director of Academic Advising and Assistant Dean for Advising UPenn Claire Robertson-Kraft Board Chair PhillyCORE Leaders Claire Robertson-Kraft Education Policy Consultant Operation Public Education Finance Name Title Organization Dasanj Aberdeen Investment Manager KPMG […]