Solomon Jones

Commentary by Solomon Jones

Telling stories

In his final column, Solomon Jones reflects on the work he has done with AxisPhilly in finding the stories behind the numbers that define Philadelphia.

Who can light the fire?

Who can fire up the black community in this year’s gubernatorial race? Solomon Jones covers a debate among the four Democrats seeking to run against Gov. Corbett and comes away wondering if any of them can.

The ups and down of Obamacare

Allyson Schwartz is making her support of Obamacare a centerpiece of her campaign for governor. Solomon Jones warns that a politician who embraces the new law also may be asked to account for some of its weaknesses and glitches.

Teaching cooking, teaching life

The Philabundance Community Kitchen teaches people how to cook, but it’s more than a culinary school. Solomon Jones reports on a program that has lifted people out of poverty by also teaching them about life.

Enter the Land Bank

Constance Morrow can tell you a lot about gentrification. She lived through it in her old neighborhood of Northern Liberties. Solomon Jones writes about her fate and plans to deal with the realities of a rapidly changing neighborhoods once the new Land Bank is up and running.

Making neighborhoods safer

The city has a grant to enlist entrepreneurs to solve problems and one is going to an Atlanta company that has taken an old idea and adapted it as a new way to fight crime. Solomon Jones explains the story behind Village Defense.

Why we need to vote

Elections have consequences, and Philadelphia has one of the lowest voter participation rates in the state. Solomon Jones ties that low turnout to the lack of power the city has in Harrisburg.

Purse snatch murders

The recent spate of violent deaths of women shot during purse snatchings has led to rallies and vigils and cries of ‘No more.’ Solomon Jones reflects on the grief and the causes of such senseless shootings, done by “empty men.”

Communities must have a say

When proponents speak of the Philadelphia Land Bank as a way to eliminate 40,000 vacant properties, I don’t visualize the empty houses and lots. I think if the people who once occupied those neighborhoods. I think of my own family.

One nation, divided by race

On the heels of the State of the Union address, AxisPhilly columnist Solomon Jones reflects on Barack Obama’s place in history, his unfulfilled promise and what he can mean to the future of black America.

The state of which city?

Philadelphia’s economic boundaries — so brightly drawn in some places that the very air seems different — are much more significant than its physical ones.