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The art of the possible

The new Land Bank offers the opportunity for Philadelphia to reverse neighborhood decline by assembling land into tracts suitable for development. Tom Ferrick looks at the history — and the possible future — of abandoned property in the city.

Making neighborhoods safer

The city has a grant to enlist entrepreneurs to solve problems and one is going to an Atlanta company that has taken an old idea and adapted it as a new way to fight crime. Solomon Jones explains the story behind Village Defense.

The mattress wars

The unintended consequence of a new city program to stop the spread of bed bugs may be more bed bugs. Nathaniel Lee reports on how some residents in Southwest Philly are responding to the city’s mandate to wrap discarded mattresses in plastic bags.

The folly before the fire

If only someone in city government had done their job, the tragedy that was the Buck Hosiery factory fire could have been averted. Tom Ferrick reports on a damning grand jury report on the blaze, which killed two firefighters.