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The money games

The four Democratic candidate for governor have spent $30 million so far during the primary campaign, with nearly 60 percent of the dollars going to buy TV time for their political ads. Tom Ferrick examines the spending — and the big givers — in advance of the May 20 Primary Election.

A promising situation

The four Democratic candidates for governor outdid themselves in promising more, more, more for public education if they are elected. As Tom Ferrick explains, promising is the easy part when it comes to the difficult and expensive issues surrounding state support for education.

Getting to “yes” in Harrisburg

If a Democrat beats Gov. Tom Corbett, how will he or she get their agenda through a conservative, Republican-controlled legislature? As Peter Durantine writes, it won’t be easy but it will help if the governor uses the playbook written by Gov. Ed Rendell. A “How to..” on getting things done in Harrisburg.

Over before it starts

It’s odd how the race for the Democratic nomination for governor has ended before it ever really began. Tom Ferrick examines the contest as of today and how it impacts Gov. Corbett.

Red light, green light

Pennsylvania campaign finance and ethics law date back to 1978 and have changed little since. Tom Ferrick explores the dangers of having weak laws with little enforcement.

How dumb can you be?

It looks like Sen. Leanna Washington was determined to test the limits of that question, given her indictment last week for using state employees for political purposes. Tom Ferrick examines the case and how it came to be.